Environmental Commitment

Sustainability at the heart of everything we do

We are committed to ensuring we take wide-ranging measures to minimise our impact on the environment, protect biodiversity, reduce our consumption of energy and other resources, avoid waste, and combat climate change.

Waste Reduction

Kitchen waste is major part of the waste produced by the takeaway and restaurant and we therefore invest a significant part of our time to reduce our requirement for collection and treatment. We use designated recycling bins for different types of waste e.g. plastic, glass, cardboard, food waste and compostable takeaway packaging is used where possible.


We use cardboard packaging wherever possible. Our napkins are made from 100% recycled materials and our menus are reusable. We do not use any single use plastics and all of our soft drinks are on tap to reduce packaging wastage. We also have a designated water refill spot on the ‘Refill’ app to encourage customers to reuse their water bottles rather than buy a new one.



Water Bottle


keeping it Local

We always strive to use local suppliers and seasonal produce wherever possible. We have a range of vegetarian and vegan options available including non-dairy milk alternatives.

Ecological impact

All electrical appliances; in fact everything that is powered by electricity is sourced on the basis of its ecological impact as a primary criterion alongside others such as cost, performance, reliability, et al. We are updating older equipment to more energy efficient versions and only use energy companies that ensure their energy comes from renewable sources wherever possible. We also make use of motion sensor lights in areas not constantly used to reduce our electricity usage.